Plan .

Understanding Business

A solid cognizance about your business is a must for digital strategising and promotion. From this step, we embark on an extensive inspection to comprehend your business and to set the stage for the development of a stellar digital marketing plan. Our research team is adept at scrutinising your business operations and to leverage viable marketing plans accordingly.

Gap Identification

Even the most well-written, comprehensive business plans are bound to have flaws. Our digital marketing strategy review team is adroit at spotting the subtle gaps in the marketing plans. Proper gap identification reduces the risk, saves time, allows easy acquisition of required resources, and reduces the expense and the effort.

Competitor Analysis

When you make a plan it is crucial to consider your counterparts’ performance. Identifying your competitors and their marketing strategies will give you the edge. Irrespective of the size of your organisation, businesses need to periodically reevaluate their marketing efforts in relation to competition. We help you to analyse the same to give more reach and results.


A well-crafted, eclectic digital marketing plan can serve as a constructive resource for running not just the digital marketing campaign but the business as well. We give you the best recommendations, suggestions, and turnkey solutions to take you farther than you aimed. We render short- and long-term strategic goals, operating objectives, and contingency strategies as recommendations.

Prepare .

Website Correction

The first step towards successful digital marketing is the presence of an impeccable website on the web. There is always scope for correction and improvement. We regularly scrutinise your website and will always be in the quest for opportunities to correct and improve your website. We will strive to prevent errors before they are published.

Keyword Research

The presence of right keywords in your website can open a surge of traffic and business to you. Keyword research is therefore the most pivotal procedure of digital marketing. We undertake a substantial keyword research to find the words that best represent your business and the most viable keywords in Google search. This will take your SEO to great heights and will fetch great return-of-investment.

Content Development

Based on the Keywords that suits your business, our next strategic step is potent content development. The initial stage of content development is gathering information that can boost your SEO. The information researched ,collected, developed and edited into dynamic digital marketing material. Only cogent content is capable of making your website stand out among millions of websites online.

Link Building/Bookmarking

Link building effectively increases the quality and magnitude of inbound links to a web page. It increases the traffic and improves the search engine rankings of the website. We help you build operative links between pages so that the search engines crawling across the information superhighway will favour your digital marketing content and your website.

Promote .

Social Media Marketing

Social media has evolved to be the centre of all marketing activities. Social media has proven to be an operable and potentially lucrative marketing medium for B2C and B2B organisations of all sizes and reach. We help you jump right into social media bandwagon and to effectively market and to lure your potential customer.

Paid Internet Marketing

Keyword integration and SEO are not enough to drive traffic to your website in the information flooded web. You can seize the extra advantage by resorting to the traditional pay for promotion regime. We fish out the web pages that win the highest impressions, the best results and the maximum return-of-investment for you.

Content Marketing

In today’s world SEO driven world, content is king and it matters the most. We help you craft and promote click-worthy blogs, articles, white papers, podcasts, videos, webpage content, press releases, presentations and much more. We help our clients by producing and promoting targeted content through social media ,paid media, and SEO.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is assured to enrich the digital marketing strategy by targeting specific key markets. E-mail has proved to be way ahead of its conventional counterparts. Our Email marketing strategies will help you with the advertisement, sales or donation solicitation, build customer loyalty, and brand recognition. Our full-fledged email marketing services include free newsletter templates, automation, email list management, social integration, real-time reporting and much more.

Preserve .

Google Analytics

Google Analytics reiterates the value of every dollar you invest online. The greatest advantage of Google analytics over other marketing entities is that the surplus it brings can be tracked. It enables you to study the behaviour of every user that visits your website and presents you with enough information to draw behavioural patterns and allow targeted marketing.


We are equipped to track the key metric of the live digital marketing activities across all digital platforms. We review, collect valid data and report our findings to you on a monthly basis. We pinpoint the areas that need to be altered, the things that work and the ones which don’t .The updates thus gathered are considered for recalibration.


According to the monthly report, we make changes to the website and keep the content updated and relevant. The findings from the monthly report are taken into account and the recalibration is executed in accordance with the review. The humongous amount of information that gets published online every day will not affect your content as recalibration ascertains the pertinence of it.


Digital marketing does not end at the content going live. It only marks the end of first half; the second half is the maintenance of the digital content and the marketing message. All the reviews, reports, and rectification constitute maintenance. The web is changing every day and your content should change along with it.