The first thing most of us wake up to in the mornings is our twitter feeds, Instagram pages and Facebook timelines. This does not indicate to but confirms our reliance on the internet. Today’s customer eats, sleeps and breathes with the help of Google. That is why it is of prime importance that a medium level business, in the current market climate has to find itself with an online presence.  Consumers have adapted themselves and have started to review products online before they buy anything. This is where digital marketing comes in and lends a much needed helping hand to small and medium level business. This is not a system that can be set up overnight but if done correctly it can reap short and long term benefits. Digital marketing campaigns use the internet as a tool to influence a brand’s target audience. Marketing campaigns are tailored specifically to gain a larger consumer base. But this is not the only advantage Digital marketing provides.

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The first and probably the most significant benefit of digital marketing is its cost effectiveness. The return on investment one can receive from digital marketing is much higher as compared to traditional marketing. Everything that can be done via traditional marketing can be accomplished by digital marketing as easily and at very low costs. This is because a digital marketing campaign can be adapted according to the specified budget. The cost of publishing falls to zero because most of it is done on the brand’s website and on the many social media platforms. Email marketing is another brilliant instrument that lets medium sized businesses influence potential and current customers instantaneously. This drives the required traffic to the brand’s website thereby leveling the playing field with big time competitors.

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In this day and age of instant access, digital marketing brings to its users the ability to get closer to their audience. Content marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing work together to create content that attracts the target audience. A cleverly crafted twitter post can generate up to twice the leads a traditional marketing campaign can. Digital marketing campaigns allow medium businesses to create brand awareness equal to those done at an MNC level. It also helps to stay connected with potential customers thereby gaining their loyalty by leaving positive, long-lasting impressions on them.

Another added bonus that digital marketing provides is the immediate access to the data and results of a campaign. We can sometimes view the result of a digital marketing campaign with hours or even minutes of its launch. This provides many medium level businesses with the data to understand where they require improvement and in which areas they seem to excel in. Google Analytics is one such tool that helps measure the success or failure of a campaign by observing the customers reaction. Such tools provide valuable information that steers the brand down the right path.

Digital marketing might be a difficult pill to swallow for many small and medium businesses but its pros usually tend out-weight the cons. With just a few clicks, we are privy to the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. This is why digital marketing is relevant to medium businesses and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.