A website gives the impression to the visitor on nature and character of the company. One needs to ensure that the visitor gets what he is looking for in that first visit .

A Good Website should be…

* Easy to navigate

* Fast to load

* Aesthetically appealing

* Responsive to all devices

* Relevant contents of the product/service

All the above ensures the visitor a joyful experience in their visit . And thats what we do at Ammishaddai digital . A website when created needs to be carefully planned.

Before Building a Website…

* Understand the business / Product or Service

* Keyword analysis of the business and its products

* Competitor analysis of the business

* Demography & Psychography of the customer targeted

The above factors play a crucial role in defining what website is required for the client.This will ensure and enable quality leads and conversions through the website.

We believe a good website should convey to the visitor

* Who you are ?

* What you do ?

* Why consider you ?

* How to get in touch with you ?

* Educate more about what you offer.